Home Gym Accessories To Reshape Your Body

Home Gym Accessories To Reshape Your Body

A traditional gym is a great place for strength or endurance training as it offers you a myriad of equipment and machines that help you reach your fitness goals. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced people to stay away from gyms for almost two years. But this confinement came as a blessing in disguise as it made most people realize the importance of having a small yet effective home gym that allowed them to train on a regular basis.

Since then, home gyms have been a common sight as people now prefer working out in the comfort of their homes. While most people do have a good setup of gym equipment at their home, some still contemplate about which accessories to opt for to complete their home gym. If you are someone who doesn’t know where to start, then we have brought you a list of a few basic accessories with which you can equip your home gym. All these accessories allow you to shape your body in many ways if used in the correct manner. Let’s take a look at a few such accessories:

  1. TRNR Velocity Rope

A skipping rope is a basic training accessory everyone must have as skipping is one of the easiest and most effective exercises that you can do at your home. This jump rope is made for speed and cardio, thereby making it ideal for practicing double and triple under. It features 360-degree anti-torque bearings that enable efficient wrist rotations. Moreover, the non-slip handles allow you to use the rope effectively to develop speed, balance and cardiovascular endurance.

  1. TRNR Multifunction Pull-Up Bar

Pull-ups are a great way to improve your upper body strength and build your arm and shoulder muscles. This exercise also improves your back muscles and grip strength, which helps you to do everyday tasks with ease. This pull-up bar comes with three pairs of mounting brackets giving you the freedom to easily move it between three different positions and access a broader range of exercises, including pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, leg stretches, inverted rows, hanging leg raises, sit-ups, crunches, and push-ups. Moreover, the bar is secured with heavy-duty screw-in mounts that easily withstand weights up to 110 kg.

  1. TRNR Hydro Bags

Hydro Bags are the best choice for instability training because the movement of water inside these bags activates the stabilizing muscles in your core and limbs to maintain your balance. These leak-proof bags can hold 15 – 25 kg of water inside and come with a step pump and a special adaptor that fills up any void with air. The double handle position allows for a vertical or horizontal grip, thereby making these bags a great choice for challenging your trunk muscles and postural control. Thanks to their versatile grip, you can easily perform multi-planar exercises to improve your core strength, spinal mobility, joint stability, coordination, balance, and proprioception.

  1. Strength Tubes

The 3-unit Strength Tube Pack from TRNR is designed to facilitate progressive resistance training and upper body conditioning. This set will help you target your back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs whilst protecting your joints and preventing bone density loss. The set comes with two anchors for maximum exercise versatility at home or outdoors. These Strength Tubes are made from premium natural rubber latex that can easily withstand the intensity of your workout.

  1. TRNR Gym Ball

The Gym Ball is a must-have training tool, delivering greater core strength, balance, coordination, range of motion, joint stability, and postural alignment. This ball features extra-thick construction and anti-burst design which makes it safe to use. It comes complete with a manual pump and TRNR innovative dual tool, allowing you to inflate the ball to its correct size. This Gym Ball is designed specifically to improve your core strength, but you can also use it in a wide range of exercises that target your arms, hips, glutes and legs. This training accessory allows you to build your abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, thereby preventing muscle imbalances, back pain and injuries.

At TRNR online store, you will find a huge collection of such versatile gym accessories that you can use in your home gym for a full-body workout. So, if you wish to convert a spare room in your home into a gym, you now know where to look for.
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