All Yoga & Pilates

Embark on your wellness journey with TRNR's comprehensive Yoga & Pilates collection, where functionality meets style. This is your one-stop destination for all the essentials needed to elevate your practice, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. Our carefully designed range caters to every aspect of your yoga and Pilates practice, offering both performance and eco-friendly solutions to use in the studio or at home.

This range includes:

  • Mats: Choose from a variety of mats in various thicknesses and textures, offering the perfect balance of support, grip, and eco-friendliness.
  • Blocks: Enhance your flexibility and pose precision with our yoga blocks
  • Socks: Experience stability and style in every pose with our specially designed ankle and crew grip socks - perfect for your yoga, Pilates or barre classes
  • And Much More to Come!

At TRNR, we understand that your practice is as unique as you are. That's why we have designed a wide selection of products that cater not just to your workout needs but also to your personal style and environmental values.

Our commitment to your fitness journey goes beyond just providing equipment. With TRNR’s exercise posters and comprehensive video library via the free TRNR App, learn how to effectively use each piece of training equipment for maximum results.

Whether you're rolling out your mat for a meditative session or gearing up for a dynamic Pilates class, TRNR's Yoga & Pilates collection has got you covered. Delve into our assortment of products and find the perfect companions for your journey towards a healthier, more balanced you.