Neo Mat 6 mm - Midnight Blue


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The TRNR Neo Mat, tailored for yoga beginners, combines comfort with stability. Its textured surface minimises slippage, enhancing focus and deepening the mind-body connection. Its grip improves with use, facilitating fluid transitions between poses. Measuring 183 cm by 65 cm and 6 mm thick, it offers ample room for a range of poses and ensures superior cushioning. Constructed from durable material, the mat is built to last and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile addition to your yoga practice. Its lightweight design and soft texture, paired with a carry strap, ensure portability. Available in a serene Rose hue, the TRNR Neo Mat adds a touch of tranquility to your practice, supporting you whether you're in a peaceful outdoor setting or a dynamic studio environment. The Neo Mat in Rose stands as a foundational element for a fulfilling yoga experience, providing a stable and comfortable base for every session.


• Measurements: 183 cm long, 65 cm wide, 6 mm thick
• Constructed with highly durable PVC material
• Ideal for use in studios or outdoors
• Grip enhances through continued practice
• Designed to be lightweight, providing a soft touch and excellent padding



• Neo Mat 6 mm - Midnight Blue
• Carry strap
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