Yoga/Pilates Mats


Discover the ultimate collection of TRNR Yoga Mats, where innovative design meets functionality and style. Our comprehensive range, featuring the Neo Mat, Cloud Mat, Support Mat, Fusion Mat, and Hero Mat, is tailored to complement your practice and lifestyle with precision.

Crafted from a selection of premium materials like natural tree rubber, and TPE, our mats are designed to meet a broad spectrum of preferences and environmental considerations. Offering a variety of thicknesses and modern yet timeless colour options, TRNR Yoga Mats are engineered for ultimate comfort, superior joint support, and exceptional grip, ensuring your stability and durability throughout every movement.

Commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy, with eco-friendly materials chosen wherever possible to minimise our environmental footprint. Moreover, the convenience of a carry strap with each mat enhances portability, allowing you to easily transport your practice essentials to any location.

The TRNR Yoga Mats collection is distinguished by thoughtful details. The motivational "EMPOWERED MIND & BODY" mantra subtly incorporated into each mat serves as a reminder of your inner potential and dedication to well-being. Additionally, select mats feature an alignment midline to assist in perfecting posture and alignment, beneficial for practitioners at all levels.

From the tactile feedback of the Neo Mat to the plush support of the Cloud Mat, TRNR Yoga Mats are your companions in fostering balance, strength, and flexibility. More than just mats, they're an integral part of a mindful, purpose-driven practice, blending seamlessly into your lifestyle and elevating your yoga or Pilates experience.