Strength Tube [Light]


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Designed with fitness beginners in mind, the TRNR Strength Tube in Light resistance is a great starting point to tone up the entire upper body, perform cardio training or improve your range of motion. Made from a special latex multi-dipping process, each Strength Tube is engineered with an inner string that acts as a limiter, delivering the best in safety and durability.



• Light resistance: focus on body toning, endurance (through high-repetition training), and range of motion
• Weight rating: 4.3-8.7 Kg | 9.5-19.2 lb
• Tube length: 120 cm/47.24 in
• Special feature: Safety String Innovation that prevents snapping from tube overextension
• Unique handles delivering ultimate comfort - extra-wide and with a custom pattern for enhanced grip
• Durable nylon stitching on handle webbing
• With TRNR logo and weight rating in kg & lb



• Strength Tube [Light] - blue colour
• Door anchor
• Exercise poster
• Free app