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Strengthen your entire body, increase your muscle mass, and burn fat. The TRNR X7 Bar System will help you build a lean, toned body, targeting your arms, pecs, back, abs, glutes, and legs - whilst lowering your risk of joint injury. Combining a non-slip surface with swivel bearings, the bar delivers optimised grip and range of motion, preventing unnecessary wrist strain. It can be manually unscrewed in half and the whole system fits easily into the carry bag provided, making it ideal to work out on the go. Choose from the 3 Strength Tubes X provided (light, medium, and heavy) or combine 2 or 3 of them for a resistance load spanning from 4.3 kg up to 39 kg. The addition of a door anchor and outdoor anchor will take your workouts to new heights, letting you recreate gym exercises in the comfort of your own home or outdoors.



• Custom TRNR grip made of durable and comfortable TPR rubber prevents slipping and calloused hands
• Tube bearing ends fit up to 3 Strength Tubes X
• Heavy-duty bar construction
• Portable design with a bar that can be split in half
• Swivel bearings offer optimised grip and range of motion to reduce wrist fatigue
• Safety String Innovation prevents tubes from over-stretching and snapping
• 7 possible resistance load combinations
• 4.3 kg – 39 kg (9.5 lb – 86 lb) resistance range
• Stackable Clip System allows for easy resistance stacking



• 3 Strength Tubes X: Light (Blue), Medium (Orange), and Heavy (Grey)
• Strength Bar X
• Door anchor
• Outdoor Anchor
• TRNR carry bag
• Exercise poster for inspiration and best results