Strength Tube [X-Light]


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The TRNR Strength Tube in X-Light is a great starting tube for those who are unsure of what resistance level might suit them most or have not exercised in a while. This tube can help you slowly regain muscle strength while protecting your joints and increasing or preserving your bone density. It comes complete with a door anchor that can be positioned at any height to leverage a diverse range of exercises and keep you motivated throughout your journey to recovery. Our Safety String Innovation prevents improper use leading to breakage by limiting the tube to its maximum stretching capacity. Exercise in style and comfort with custom-built, wide, and robust handles that feature the TRNR logo and a pattern for added grip.



• X-Light resistance: focus on mobility, gentle body toning, and low-impact exercise that target slow-twitch muscle fibers to develop endurance (with high reps)
• Weight rating: 3.4 - 6.9 kg | 7.5 - 15.2 lb
• Tube length: 120 cm/47.24 in
• Made from premium natural rubber latex through a multi-dipping manufacturing process
• Delivers progressive resistance that peaks at the end of the range of motion, preventing unnecessary and unexpected muscle or joint stress/injury
• Targets shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, chest, and abs
• Extra-wide TRNR custom non-slip grips
• Robust nylon stitching



• Strength Tube [X-Light] - red colour
• Door anchor
• Exercise poster
• Free app