Strength Tube X [Light]


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Start designing your very own resistance gym with the Light TRNR Strength Tube X. Made for resistance stacking that suit your personal needs, it features heavy-duty carabiners and multi-dipped natural rubber latex for optimal durability. Strategically placed at the core of the resistance tube, our innovative string ensures that your Strength Tube X cannot be extended past its maximum stretching capacity, preventing it from snapping prematurely. The Light level is specifically designed for body toning, endurance (through high-repetition training) and range of motion.

Please note: the other TRNR X Series components (Strength Handles X, Ankle Straps X, Strength Bar X, Door Anchor X and Outdoor Anchor X) to complete your resistance gym are sold separately.



• X Series component designed for total body strengthening
• Light (Blue) weight range: 4.3-8.7 kg/9.5-19.2 lb
• Safety String Innovation for overstretching prevention
• Tubing engineered through a complex multi-dipping process for optimal durability
• Natural rubber latex delivers consistent progressive resistance
• Carabiners allow for resistance stacking when combined with other Strength Tubes X
• Colour-coded with weight rating in kg and lb



• Strength Tube X [Light]
• Exercise poster
• Free app