Bliss Bottle 600 ml (Black)


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Introducing the TRNR Bliss Bottle in Sleek Black: The Essential Hydration Accessory for Every Lifestyle


Navigating the pace of modern life demands consistent hydration, whether you're tackling a rigorous exercise regime, engaging in tranquil yoga poses, or simply going about your daily tasks. This TRNR Bliss Bottle, in a sophisticated sleek black, stands as your indispensable hydration ally. This 600 ml (20 oz) bottle beautifully combines the robustness and thermal insulation of double-walled, food-grade stainless steel with the elegance of a powder-coated finish in a classic black hue. The TRNR Bliss Bottle in sleek black transcends the ordinary water bottle, evolving into a lifestyle choice for those who value functionality, durability, and design, alongside environmental responsibility. Whether you are deeply committed to your fitness regime, enjoy the calm of yoga, or simply recognise the importance of staying hydrated, the Bliss Bottle is engineered to support your hydration goals while also upholding your environmental ethics.


Capacity: 600 ml (20 oz)
Material: Double-walled, food-grade stainless steel
Temperature Retention: Keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours, hot for 6-12 hours
Lid: Secure, leak-proof screw lid
Design: Wide-mouth for easy addition of ice cubes; powder-coated for a secure, non-slip grip
Durability: Lightweight yet durable, fostering a reduction in waste


• Bliss Bottle 600 ml - Black