Redefine Full Body Strength Training With Strength Sliders

Redefine Full Body Strength Training With Strength Sliders


Don’t let the lack of space or training equipment in your home demotivate you from following a healthy training regime. There are a lot of ways by which you can do a hardcore training session in the comfort of your home. A pair of sliders is a great training tool to have with you if you love doing bodyweight workouts.

Gym trainers all over the world love sliders as they amp up any form of exercise and make it more challenging for the user. Whether you are doing mountain climbers, lunges or plank jacks, sliders can be used to enhance the effectiveness of a variety of exercises.

Sliders are a great choice to engage your core and activate those muscles in your body that you never knew existed. If used correctly, sliders help improve your balance and core strength over time. The instability offered by the sliders compels the muscles in your body to maintain your balance, thereby strengthening them in the process. In other words, sliders are a great choice to build balance and improve coordination between your muscles.

TRNR Strength Sliders are designed to improve your core stability, range of motion, overall strength and cardiovascular endurance. These sliders feature a unique design that offers optimal contact with hands/feet so that you can slide with ease. The sliders are made using premium-quality ABS material that imparts a lot of durability to them.

The dual surface of these sliders suits all kinds of workout environments, irrespective of whether you are working out at your home or gym. The smooth side can be used anywhere from carpets to grass, while the textured side works best on hardwood, laminate and tile floors.

This set of two Strength Sliders allows you to redefine your full body workouts as they allow you to glide restriction-free in any direction, thus engaging your deep abdominals, back, and pelvic floor muscles for stabilisation through the entire range of motion.

Adding sliders to your plank variations in order to engage your core is the easiest way to incorporate them into your workout regime. While doing plank exercises, simply move your hands or feet with these sliders while keeping the other half of your body stationary. It’s that simple! Having said that, sliders can be added to a myriad of other bodyweight exercises as well. Some of them are given below:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Single-Leg Knee Tucks
  • Plank Jacks
  • Single Arm Wheelbarrow
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Plank Circles
  • Body Saw
  • Ab Extensions

 and many more…

Incorporating sliders in these workouts allow you to move at a faster pace to increase the intensity of the workout. It also activates the muscles around your spine and shoulder to create stability. These are the muscles which are generally neglected during a traditional gym workout.

Sliders are an excellent choice to amp up your full body cardio workout. Moreover, the compact and lightweight design of these sliders makes them a great choice to carry with you while travelling. So, why wait? Visit TRNR online store today and get this amazing piece of equipment!

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