Tactile Roller 60cm


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The 60 cm TRNR Tactile Roller is designed for intense massage and spine cradling. By rolling up and down while sustaining bodyweight pressure, the Tactile Roller helps target the lower back, hips, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. The robust core and high-density EVA foam surface deliver a firm, hyper-tactile massage, while the addition of a concave midsection creates the necessary gap to shield the spinal joints.



• Length: 60 cm | Diameter: 13 cm
• For a firm and hyper-tactile massage of the soft tissues
• Specifically designed to target wide muscle areas of the body
• Ideal to roll out both legs simultaneously
• Spine-cradling design protects the spinal joints from undue pressure
• Strong ABS core built to last
• Surface made from high-density EVA foam that withstands repetitive compressive forces



• Tactile Roller 60cm
• Exercise poster
• Free app