Physio Band [X-Heavy]


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Surpass your fitness goals with the TRNR Physio Band X-Heavy - our most challenging flat resistance band. Ideal for high-intensity workouts that build power and sculpt the body, this Physio Band comes complete with an exercise poster to target your shoulders, back, chest, biceps, and triceps. Engineered with latex layer technology, it delivers both durability and smooth elastic resistance.



• X-Heavy resistance: focus on power (combined strength + speed), body sculpting, significant muscle mass gain, and high-intensity workouts that target fast-twitch muscle fibers.
• Weight rating: 6.9-12.6 kg | 15.2-27.8 lb
• Length: 1.5 m for a full range of motion and added exercise versatility
• Helps focus on functional movement patterns
• Can target your rotator cuff muscles when knotted
• Premium quality latex construction
• Compact, foldable design, making it ideal for on-the-go sessions
• Recommended for already strong individuals and/or in complement to a weight-lifting regimen



• Physio Band [X-Heavy] - black colour
• Exercise poster
• Free app